Public Speaking

Global Day Of Coderetreat 2023 Vienna

GDCR 2023 Vienna Facilitated the "Outside-In TDD without Mocks" session as well as a Mob Programming session. Overall Co-Facilitation.

Software Development Myths @ DevFest Vienna 2023

I gave a Lightning Talk about Myths in Software Development.

Mob Mentality Show: Mobbing on the Open Source Mob RPG

In this episode of the Mob Mentality Show, I talked about "Mobbing on the Open Source Mob RPG". We start by discussing the origin story of the app and the weekly public mob session to work on it. We also cover examples of fun, surprising, and innovative remote mob sessions, as well as a walkthrough of the app page by page. We then dive into the tech stack, tools, and collaboration methodology used in the app's development.

Ensemble Programming Workshop @ PyConDE

Gave an Ensemble Programming workshop facilitating a huge Ensemble of 80 people together with Lev Konstantinovskyi at the PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023. The participants excelled both in solving the Real-Estate-Kata and providing mutual support to one another. They initiated a clap-on-green behavior and maintaned it even after splitting into smaller ensembles.

PyConDE Ensemble Programming Workshop

Global Day Of Continuous Coderetreat 2022

GDCCR 2022 Facilitated the first truly Global Day Of Coderetreat together with Bob Allen, Nitsan Avni, David Campey and Siddhesh Nikude.

Mobbing Discussion (Interview by Tsvetan Tsventanov)