Why Test?

It’s 2021, yet developers writing automated tests don’t seem to be the norm to this day. The belief that the writing of tests is just an additional effort that increases development cost is still going strong. Of course, it’s wrong.

Yes, the learning curve is steep, and yes, there’s a lot of things to get wrong and to suffer from. Proper developer testing like TDD is a broad topic and demands deep knowledge of design and refactoring. None of which seem to be taught in higher technical schools that much either. Humans have been developing software without writing tests for decades, so why bother?

Well, I write tests to my own advantage. I do it so that I know what I’m doing, early and often. It helps me find more joy at work and has an overall positive impact on how I feel. Maybe also because I’m a little lazy.

Hopefully, this little diagram will help explain how this works out for me.

How good developer tests are advantageous